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1982: Solo Exhibition “MIDNIGHT DRY ART” at Over Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1983: Solo Exhibition “PAINTING OF 18m” at Shibuya Seibu Gallery, Tokyo

          Solo Exhibition “MIDNIGHT DRY ART” at Seki Gallery, Nagoya, Japan

1984: Solo Exhibition “+-0” at Parco Gallery, Tokyo

                                                    at Wave Gallery, Tokyo

                                                    at Midget Gallery, Nagoya

1985: Solo Exhibition “SHINSOH” at 360゜Gallery, Tokyo

1990: The 1st Tamon Awards (finalist)

          The 33rd Shinsho Artist Association Exhibition (finalist)

          The 29th Nigen-kai Exhibition (finalist)

          The 27th Modern Art Association Exhibition (finalist)

          The 30th Sohki-kai Exhibition (finalist)

          The 33rd Shinkyo Art Association Exhibition (finalist)  

1992: The 20th International Contemporary Art Exhibition (finalist)

          The 28th Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition (finalist)

          The 63rd Daiichi Art Association Exhibition (finalist)

          The 39th New Art Association Exhibition (finalist)

          The 31st Nigen-kai Exhibition (Zenshin-sha Award winner)

1993: Group Exhibition at Shirley Fiterman Art Center, New York, USA

          Solo Exhibition at Basta Pasta, New York

1994: Published “FLOWER CROSS #1” (4410×1940×1250cm / Wood & Steel) at IRC2 Studios, Tokyo

2003: Solo Exhibition “THE YELLOW COLLECTION” at Cocoro Gallery, Tokyo

2009: Solo Exhibition “THE WHITE COLLECTION” at Mami S-ght., Tokyo

2011: Solo Exhibition “RESURRECTION” at Suginami Civic Gallery, Tokyo

          Solo Exhibition “RESURRECTION” at K.S. Gallery, Tokyo

2015: The 8th Platinum-art Association Exhibition (BonnyColArt Award winner)

2016: The 12th World Art Exhibition (finalist)

2017: The 10th Platinum-art Association Exhibition (Maruman Award winner)

2018: The 11th Platinum-art Association Exhibition (Excellence Award winner)

          The 14th World Art Exhibition (finalist)

2019: Solo Exhibition “ONE-ON-ONE FLOWERS” at Motomatsu Gallery, Kurume, Japan

          Solo Exhibition “ONE-ON-ONE FLOWERS” at Kikai Civic Center, Kikai Island, Japan

2020: Solo Exhibition “ONE-ON-ONE FLOWERS” at Tachiarai Peace Memorial Museum, Chikuzen, Japan

2023: Solo Exhibition “FLOWERS+/DOUBLE CROSS✕✕” at Meguro Civic Gallery, Tokyo 

IMG_5474 (1).jpg

Φ730×55㎜  Acrylic on Hemp

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