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Painting an Infinity of Colors



Our universe’s workings are in a constant state of flux. Until the birth of the human life form, the evolutionary flow on planet Earth was fragile, after which it witnessed extraordinary mutations over a short period. Humankind survived by dint of their five senses down through countless generations, thus ensuring a certain harmony with the natural world. Over time, however, the significance of happiness was to alter; happiness entailed acquiring wealth, thereby engulfing the concept of the deity, as well as plunging humankind into a spiral of greed. As we can all witness before our eyes, nature’s equilibrium is being destroyed by our arrogant behavior, and the Earth’s very existence is in jeopardy.


Manifold varieties of life forms have been struggling in order to survive in such an abnormal environment; many have become extinct, and only those that have repeatedly mutated themselves into monsters can survive in this world.


In our increasingly complicated society, we increasingly have little option other than to live amidst a flood of data. More than ever, it is vital for us to revive our five senses and make the pursuit of creative beauty one of the cornerstones of our everyday lives. We should treat all living beings with understanding and respect, and look both at ourselves and our colorful world with a beneficial spirit .

Just as a simple color is imbued with infinite hues, so there are infinite truths....


These paintings are probing that question of the imminent danger confronting all life forms.



                                                                    Tadamasa Yokoyama

                                                                                                        Translation by John Barrett

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